Brilliant window design looks just like Windows 3.1

Achieve total geekitude with this very special window, called Fenêtres 3.1, French for, you guessed it, Windows 3.1. This design concept for a Windows window might take some serious construction to install, but maybe it could also be offered in a window shade version. Either way, it would be mighty amusing to operate it using those authentic Windows controls. Too bad that windowshade is the dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD).

Its designer, John Nouanesing, has already proven his originality to us — you might recall his crazy floating paint-drip table that we showed you last month. We’d like to see this Windows window idea done up in Vista trim, but then, we wouldn’t want it constantly asking us if we’re sure we’d like to open that window. Or Nouanesing could make an OS X version that substitutes mirrors for windowpanes, constantly reminding you of how superior you really are.

John Nouanesing, via Unpluggd