BottleStone: Making countertops out of your old empties

California’s BottleStone wants to take your old bottles and recycle them into a beautiful new countertop. Their eco-friendly stone counters are made of 80% recycled glass pulled from curbside programs and 20% cement and ceramic, all of which is then kiln-fired, like pottery. Out comes a material that looks, feels and handles like other stone surfaces, but with the added benefit of being lighter, more durable and greener. The company’s testing shows that 1-inch-thick BottleStone is as strong as 1.5 inches of standard brick or 2.5 inches of concrete.

BottleStone sits in the “mid-high range” on price — cheaper than real marble or granite, and similar to other man-made stone like Corian, but pricier than that laminate-and-pressed-wood stuff that you scorched with your iron in your first apartment.

It comes in four colors, but because it’s a man-made ceramic, it can be glazed, stained or waxed in any color you desire. Changing the color of the recycled-glass ingredient also helps — lighter for Corona drinkers, darker for wine snobs. It takes about six wine bottles to make a square foot of BottleStone, so a few good heartbreaks and you’ll have your kitchen redone in no time.

Via BottleStone