BlueAnt V1, first cellphone earpiece to use Bluetooth 2.1

I like using a Bluetooth headset when I use my cellphone. What I don’t like is noise, or having to take off the headset to figure out how to turn up the volume or or voice dial. The BlueAnt V1 headset uses a very nifty voice interface that lets you ask the headset "What can I say?" and the headset will answer you with a list (i.e. pairing, voice dialing, answering calls and such) just like one of those automated call services. And because I hate to read instructions, I can ask the headset to teach me, and the BlueAnt V1 walks me though its functions.

But what good is all this cool technology if you call a taxi from a noisy club and they can’t understand you? The V1’s solution to that is a dual microphone with their Voice Isolation Technology that separates your voice from background noise. The effect is better voice with echo cancellation — even shielding you from wind noise. And the Bluetooth 2.1 spec is a nice improvement for simplified pairing. The V1 is Firmware upgradeable, has three charging options (car, phone and USB) and it can pair with eight devices. It weighs less than an ounce, and its battery has five hours of talk-time and 200 hours standby, which should get you though even a long weekend.