Black Stealth, the cheapest 3-channel R/C chopper yet

Here come the three-channel remote control helicopters, giving you more precise control than ever. The best news is that this $30 Black Stealth the cheapest one yet. The Think Geeksters say it’s the easiest one to fly ever, and unlike the numerous tiny choppers that have come before it, this one actually lets you control that crucial third channel — you know, the one that lets you steer the copter forward or backward.

You’d think that sort of thing would be standard, but earlier tiny, low-cost r/c helicopters just went up/down or left/right, depending on you to bend a tail rudder to always tilt it for forward flight. It’s great to see the three-channel flight capability taking hold in the puny-copter market, especially at these prices. This one might find a place in our living room-based flight center. Click Continue to see a video of the little whirlybird in action.

Via Think Geek