Bikeboard will save you from falls, not fists

Half bike. Half board. Entirely unfortunate. The Bikeboard makes an admirable attempt to put forth a somewhat sporty image, what with its BMX-style handlebars and full-sized skateboard (save the front wheels). It's basically a scooter built for tricks that doesn't know just how awkward it is.

Here's the real kicker: it's almost $200. Yep, two-hundred-smackaroos. That's a lot of allowance you'd have to save there, kiddo. That's a lot of mowed lawns. Or will kids even buy this thing at all? Maybe it'll be a present from out-of-touch parents who get it for a youngster thinking it'll be safe and yet still be cool. It'll keep you from falling, maybe, but not from the ridicule of the cliques you try to fit in with. Ride a bike. Or skateboard. Or do both — just one conveyance at a time there, tiger.

I don't know. Maybe you're already in love with the Bikeboard and you think I'm terrible. To me, it just looks like a sloppy, overpriced try at an already existing product.

Indian Summer Company, via BabyGadget