Axon 'Anti-Gravity' RC racer hovers along at a toe-breaking 50 mph

The Axon Razorback is so fast and handles so well that you may mistake for a real race car, save for the fact that it's ankle-high. It can go from 0 to 25 mph almost instantly, and can reach speeds of almost 50 mph with an engine upgrade to its dual brushless motor system. Two powerful ducted fans keep it levitating off the ground over smooth surfaces — pavement, flooring and even sand — and it is made out of lexan polycarbonate resin thermoplastic on a polyethylene foam base, the former of which is the same stuff they used for the visors of astronaut's helmets back in the Apollo days and for real race cars. That means you won't have to be shy when performing daring stunts and the Razorback's high speed should let you do all kinds, though have pity on anything that gets in your way.

The Axon Razorback is due out in September for $250. Click Continue for a slick video demonstration of the Razorback zipping around and performing some tricks.

Axon Racing, via Techpin