Average Mac costs twice as much as typical PC

Want to touch off a firestorm? Start talking about how Macs cost twice as much as PCs. But now there’s data to back that up from NPD Group. The study shows the average price of a Windows laptop dropped $177 over the past year to an average of $700, while the average Mac laptop hovers above $1500, only dipping $59 over the same twelve months.

Of course, those Mac notebooks often have faster processors than their PC counterparts, so there’s extra value hidden in that equation on the Mac side. There must be some reason why Apple’s market share has skyrocketed to 8.5 percent. Could one of those reasons be spelled V-I-S-T-A?

Macs were also more expensive on the desktop side, attributed to Apple’s use of mobile processors in its miniaturized one-piece iMacs. For example, a cheap $700 Dell Inspiron 518 desktop tower PC has two more processor cores than the entry-level $1199 iMac, thrice the memory and twice the hard drive space. This handwriting on the wall might be why Apple’s Mac prices are rumored to soon be dropping precipitously.

Via Electronista