At last! DVICE's Make a Cylon Contest winners, selected by Tricia Helfer and Grace Park

When the fourth and final season of Battlestar Galactica began back in the spring, we asked you to design your own Cylons. We didn’t mind if you created centurions, raiders, skin jobs or something new entirely. Well, did we ever get what we asked for — fans from all over the country sent in everything from Cylon dogs to life-size cardboard centurions. Now it’s (finally!) time to award the best of the best.

And who better to choose what makes a good Cylon than two people who’ve lived the experience? Battlestar's’s Tricia Helfer and Grace Park (Cylon numbers Six and Eight, for those keeping track) looked at each and every entry sent in and came up with a list of their Top 10 favorites.

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Grand Prize Winner: No Toast Today! by Kurt Hartmann
Beyond just creating a impressive miniature of a Cylon, Kurt added that extra bit of panache with his presentation that put him over the top. As top winner, Kurt gets a boatload of Battlestar swag, some choice DVICE gadgets, a MAKE Year One box set, and will have his creation featured on the SCI FI Channel. Congratulations, Kurt!

First Runner-up: Boomer by Mike Overstreet
Mike's robot, called "Boomer," actually looks nothing like the eponymous Cylon from the series, but it still has some sweet moves. Mike also wins some SCI FI swag and a MAKE Year One box set. Great work, Mike!

Second Runner-up: Michael Eklund
Michael E. converted two toy robots to Cylons by modifying their heads to sport that distinctive oscillating red LED. Michael wins some Battlestar DVDs and a MAKE Year One box set. Nice one, Michael!

The rest of the Top 10 winners will receive a free subscription to SCI FI magazine and and a MAKE Year One box set. Not to mention our undying gratitude.


4th Place: Corey Miller
Corey outdid himself in creating this classic centurion costume.

5th Place: "GiftProto"
Speaking of classic centurions, here's a nicely made facsimile of the classic helmet.


6th Place: Don Fluitt
Don's model captures the robotic nature of the Cylons.


7th Place: Roy Wasson Valle
These Cylon lawn ornaments will certainly get the neighbors' attention! Check out the full gallery on Flickr.

8th Place: Rob Hendrix and Mark Marquez (above)
Lego Cylons never looked so good.


9th Place: Peter Sahm
More classic centurion fun — the gallery of this helmet on Flickr has tips on building your own.

10th Place: Erin Kennedy
This paper Cylon is always ready to dance.

That should do it! Congratulations to all the winners — your prizes are on the way. And stay tuned for more contests on DVICE… we loved what you guys had to offer, and we’re hungry for more!

Before you go, check out a big, motherfrakin’ gallery below with the Cylons we received that didn't quite make the cut, but we liked anyway. Grin knowingly at the clever ones, stare gape-mouthed in shock at the bizarre ones, and remember why you love the Internet so much. Just one thing: You'll need to scroll back down to the gallery after you click on each thumbnail. We know it's annoying, but it's the way it's gotta be. Okay? Okay. Video entries are below the photos. Enjoy!