Apoll Tabletop Fireplace accommodates high-end weenie roasts

When mere candlelight just isn’t going to cut it, fire up some billowing flames for dinner with this Apoll Tabletop Fireplace. Made of glass and stainless steel by fancy German accessory maker Carl Mertens, this burning centerpiece should heat up even the coldest dinner companion. It's quite an improvement over the company's previous tabletop fireplace attempt, which looks like a couple of big cigarette lighters glued together.

We’re warming to this trend of fireplaces everywhere, including futuristic wall-mounted units and stylish floor models, all burning Sterno-like fuel with no need for a chimney. Until these decorating enhancements become more commonplace, expect to pay premium prices for them, such as $675 for this Apoll model.

Unica Home, via Bathroom Buzz