An alarm clock that can turn on the lights — this is just trouble

On the left you've got the Room Tech Beingz Alarm Clock, and its buddy, Mood Lamp, to the right. After a short warning of its feet lighting up, the Alarm Clock will throw its mouth wide open and blare out one of three different noises to wake you up, beating its arms up and down if you aren't roused in time. It isn't all bad, though — it can play music and do a little dance to the tunes, too.

Mood Lamp is Alarm Clock's more chill cousin. It has four different brightness settings depending on how you're feeling. It will also dance to whatever music you're playing, and respond to your touch in an animated way.

Alarm Clock is kind of a bad influence on Mood Lamp, though, as they can communicate with one another if they're less than 15 feet apart. Alarm Clock can get Lamp to turn on as bright as it can and, mixed in with the noise, you've got two culprits to go after if you want to snooze.

RoomTech Beingz Alarm Clock & Mood Lamp, via 7 Gadgets