Adorable Robotic Chicken roosts in US stores

If you've always wanted a pet but feel like you can't take the time to care for one properly (a big concern for us city folk, especially if we don't live close enough to a park), then Sega's got an adorable option for you: a Robotic Chicken just over three inches tall. The robotic chicken will sit happily on your desk or in the palm of your hand and flap its little wings and cluck in response to the attention you give it. Ignore it for too long, however, and the little chick will cry for you to keep petting it — though, unlike real pets, you can turn this one off.

Also unlike real pets, the only maintenance it requires is three watch batteries. It'll never replace having a real animal companion in your life, but it's the perfect gift as a novelty, or even for kids. It's not too expensive either: $30.

Via ThinkGeek