A $50 million cruise ship that can't even float

The cry of "Man overboard!" isn't one that'll cause a rush of panic on the decks of the Queen Elizabeth in Turkey. That's probably because people are continually jumping ship: to visit the surrounding pools, spas, bars and the local sights and vistas. The Queen Elizabeth is actually a 325-room, luxury hotel in disguise, and it cost its owners $50 million to doll up as a cruise ship. Gimmick, ahoy!

You have to give 'em some points for effort though. It's even got a miniature version of the boat down in one of the hotel's restaurants. It's got everything you'd expect from a luxury hotel, including indoor spas and exercise rooms, fancy restaurants, a great view and a variety of different rooms. The only thing it doesn't have? Class.

Check out the gallery below for more of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel.

Queen Elizabeth Hotel, via DeputyDog