18-inch-tall Voice Command Daleks are Earth's shortest conquerers

The Daleks. The evil, mutant, armored, conquering, pitiless and nefarious foes from the Dr. Who universe. Now you can own one of your very own!

The Voice Command Dalek will conquer Earth or protect it, all depending on your orders. For example, telling it, "Dalek! Seek, Locate!" will put it into a room defense mode, and it will patrol for warm bodies, asking any passerby to identify themselves immediately. Anyone found in a place they shouldn't be gets exterminated (or entertained, depending on how said person reacts to lights and silly noises). There's also a variety of games to be played, from "Identify the Doctor" — where your Dalek servant goes up to whoever is around in an effort to get the Doctor to reveal his identity — and you can even just ask it general questions about the various Dr. Who characters, or have it act in preprogrammed ways.

If you find a situation that requires a more precise touch than the Voice Command Dalek can muster, there's also a remote control for R/C operation, controls for speech included. Want one? Daleks won't be bossed around for cheap: $230.

Click Continue for a video of this menacing midget of a Dalek in action.

Via ThinkGeek