'World's first practical jetpack' takes to the air

Maybe that old jetpack idea is just wrong. If you’re willing to drop $250,000, you can fly around for three minutes at a time in an old-style unit that looks like that James Bond model from the '60s. But New Zealander Glenn Martin has a better idea, giving you the power of personal, hanging-out-there flight for $100,000, lifting your terrified carcass aloft for 30 minutes at a time. Looks like a thrill.

Martin’s personal flyer isn’t really a jet pack; it’s more like a couple of gasoline-fueled 200-horsepower fans with a human being strapped onto them, and it’s as loud as dynamite. Never mind all that noise — Martin says it’s the safest “jetpack” ever built, partly because it’s equipped with its own parachute. He’s been working on this raucous-sounding beast for more than a decade, and says the 250-pound machines will go on sale next year.

Via The New York Times