Wine in pop-top cans? Perish the thought!

We’ve gotten so used to beer cans, why not put wine in pop-top cans, too? Swedish designers Jens Andersson and Jonas Forsman tried to make their recyclable wine cans slightly resemble a wine bottle, and now these prototypes are available for any wine companies that feel like pioneering a new mode of distribution and consumption.

However, so far, there are no takers. We’re wondering if wine snobs even want to be seen with a can in their hands, quaffing away at their heady libations in a style no different from chug-a-lugging a common Budweiser. But come on, Biff and Buffy! Look at that easy-pull tab, much classier than a lowly beer can!

They're not going to go for it. Look, there’s no way to get your nose in there, so you can bore everyone around you with your vivid descriptions of the “notes” you’re smelling. For us, as long as it’s not a Merlot, we’re fine with chugging our rotgut from just about any container that doesn’t leak.

Via The Dieline