Week in Review: iPhone 3G gives way to darker pursuits, weirdness and insanity

The iPhone 3G dominated the news this week, and we found unique angles to the story, showing you 10 things nobody’s noticed yet about the coveted cell phone. We put it all into perspective for you, and then discovered a battery pack add-on that might quell our carping and whining a bit, making the iPhone 3G's lame battery life slightly more tolerable.

But forget about the iPhone this weekend. Check out Batman: Dark Knight, and take a look at some of his gadgets that might soon have real-world counterparts. Or gaze up at the moon in a daze, daydreaming about how we’ll get there again someday. Waking up out of your stupor, scare up the household by putting a gun-shaped earpiece to your head.

Insane enough for you? It gets better. This week, there was no shortage of unusual objects with which to populate your own bat cave and its environs:

World’s largest horn subwoofer rocks the house to its foundations and beyond
And you thought that kid down the street had some obnoxious subwoofers.

While this might look like a nail gun, trust me: it isn't
Dressing up an M-16 to look like a DeWalt drill? Give this guy a personality test.

Proxima rides at you like a car, zips off like a motorcycle
About as close as you’re going to get to the Batmobile and Batpod, all in one

Solar Deck Lights: no-hassle outdoor lighting, till about midnight
Curse the Dark Knight — light up your walkways with the sun

Secret Microsoft Wireless Arc Mouse is purdy and portable
Leaked info shows Microsoft can still nail a sweet mouse design

Oakland A's new stadium to put touchscreens in every seat
Never mind watching the boring baseball game — play with a touchscreen at your seat!