Week in Review: iPhone 3G won't activate? Five ways to stave off boredom

It's finally the weekend, so toss some Tetris-shaped ice cubes in your drink, take a deep breath and enjoy yourself some peace and quiet. You're definitely going to need some rest if you were waiting in line for the iPhone 3G today. And not for the reasons you may think: Apple's hotly anticipated phone caused more headaches than cheers. How did we enjoy the launch? Check out our 3-minute video tour covering our five hours waiting in line.

Chances are you're staring at your iPhone willing it to life. Here are some ways to pass the time:
• Take a ride into orbit in your snazzy flying saucer.
• Or underwater in a dolphin-shaped submarine that can hop.
• Get away from the iPhone and go camping with this car that's also a generator.
• Fry up s'mores and dogs on the world's largest rooftop solar array.
• Drool at a video exposing all of the magnetic fields at work all around us.

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