Week in Review: Wireless HDTV arrives, iPhone 3G keeps calling & more

Try as it might, the iPhone 3G couldn't eclipse the biggest tech news of the week: The announcement from multiple electronics companies that they would support WHDI, a new standard for wireless HDTV. Beyond just getting rid of cables, the new tech would be delay-free and let you display any video from any device in your home on your big screen. We can't wait.

Still, the iPhone 3G did keep ringing us up, with stories on the fun iBeer app, some cute Japanese accessories, a robust backup power pack, and these sweet headphones that are a perfect match for the phone. Don't have an iPhone 3G yet, but desperate to get one? We've got some tips for you.

More top headlines from the week:

Monumental 10,000 Year Clock to be built on Nevada mountaintop
Author Neal Stephenson is in on the project, too.

SHIFT: Why lossless formats will destroy MP3
The venerable music format's days are numbered. And good riddance.

Hands-free wheelchair lets Murderball athletes focus on hitting each other
To steer, just lean.

New gun tech lets you decide how fast the bullet will travel
Just don't think it'll let you dodge them like Neo.

Tiny E-Ball touted as PC of the future
Who says a PC has to be shaped like a rectangle?

Moon Base Two: an instant lunar habitat
This inflatable base could keep astronauts safe and sound for up to 6 months.