Washing machine/lounge seat concept makes washrooms obsolete

The idea of a dedicated room just for washers and dryers may be an alien idea for our future brethren. Designed by Harsha Vardhan from New Delhi, India, the Alternative Clothes Cleaner is a conceptual washing machine that doubles as a large seat. It has two modes, active and passive, though both will allow you to sit atop the unit. No detergent or water necessary here, either — the inner chamber acts as a pressure washer and cleans the clothes with ionized air instead. That means no drying, too.

It's the kind of crazy technological mishmash you'd expect to see in The Jetsons, and we love it. Bring on espresso makers that will also tell you the news, or hair-dressing wall units that'll play with the dog while you're pampered. Check out the gallery below for more views of the versatile Alternative Clothes Cleaner.

Via Coroflot