Hands-on Update: TuneUp software cleans up iTunes mess, finds album cover art and track labels

My iTunes library is a mess. Half the album covers are missing and many of the tracks have cryptic names, making iTunes even worse than it already is. Here’s where TuneUp can help, seeking album cover art and music data and filling it all in for you, saving you hours of work. I’m loading this one up, post haste. If this works, thanks in advance, TuneUp, for giving me organized iTunes and saving about 40 hours of my life.

We’ll see. The free trial gives you 500 track labels and 50 album covers until it time-bombs on you, and if you like what you see it’s a mere $12 a year or $20 lifetime to license the software. Ironically, there’s no OS X support for the software, but maybe that’s fair enough, since iTunes seems such a poor stepchild in Windows with its non-standard interface, crappy scrolling, DRM-infested innards and goofy workflow.

UPDATE: I tested this software, and it's excellent. Works just as advertised. TuneUp found dozens of album covers, fixed hundreds of songs in my iTunes library, and even served up music video versions of lots of my tunes. At first I was just going with the free limited trial (50 covers, 500 track labels), but that wasn't enough, so I spent the $12 for a year's worth of cleanup. It was well worth it. If you have lots of missing album covers and tracks labeled, say, "Track 1," it's well worth the price of admission — in fact, It seems almost miraculous. Bravo.

TuneUp Media, via Zatz Not Funny