TokyoFlash Nekura Tumbler watch looks like a spacecraft, acts like a watch

Just when Japanese watch purveyor TokyoFlash had gone completely off the deep end, determined to never sell a watch that could be easily deciphered by earthlings, the company adds this Nekura Tumbler to its eclectic collection. Even grandma could tell this stainless steel timepiece is showing 5:39.

So it is possible to wear a avant garde-looking watch that still actually tells time? You’re looking at it. This one’s designed in a way that might make space cadet designers such as Frank Gehry and Philippe Starck take notice. And at $84, it’s not going to make your spouse mad at you for buying it.

See two more views of the Tumbler, as well as three other attractive members of the Nekura family, in the gallery below.

TokyoFlash, via Boing Boing