Fun-O-Meter vending machine dispenses good times at 50¢ a pop

Out of ideas? Sounds like you need to get to your nearest Fun-O-Meter. Feed it 50 cents, and you'll get a vending machine ball filled with a fun suggestion. Example: "Write 'B' and 'R' on opposite ends the back side of a One Dollar Bill." Think about it.

Your ball will also contain a map if the idea is location-specific, a vending-machine-style toy, and a lucky penny you can leave heads-up for someone else. Curiously, you'll also get a quarter of your investment back. The Fun-O-Meter's creator, Jake Bronstein, explains: "I kind of got ripped off on the toys, and only wanted to charge 25 cents anyway, but the machine is configured for 50 cents, so I put a quarter in each egg."

Bronstein temporarily places this idea-vending machine around New York City, but it's not too popular with other vending machine managers. He even got chased from a store and threatened for putting it next to more-profitable machines. It's pretty much the ultimate toy vending machine, in a way — every ball inside it is hand-packed with the hopes of brightening your day and creating some fun.

Zoomdoggle, via swissmiss