The Bricycle asks: If you drive alone, do you need a whole car all to yourself?

You already know about bicycles and tricycles, so how about the curiously named Bricycle? We're thinking its designer, only known to us as Brian (he wasn't available for comment in time for this post), is naming his creation after himself: a Bri-Cycle. Whatever the case may be, he's designed a clever electric trike out of plywood, epoxy and fiberglass cloth with fully working steering, brakes and suspension.

Its purpose? To allow those of us who hop in the car alone — to go to work, a movie, the store and so on — to do so in a way that is easy on the environment and saves our gas money, to boot. You could just hop on your bike or a scooter, of course, but the Bricycle offers more-comfortable seating.

Brian's single-seater Bricycle is still just a prototype, but one that's nearing completion. It's got a 48-volt motor at the front of the vehicle and 21 different speeds, just like a bike.

Bricycle, via The Design Blog