The RoboTrac, a multi-purpose robotic farmhand for tomorrow's fields

Calling the Valtra RoboTrac a tractor is a bit deceptive. That's because it's also a robot, and it's much smaller than its industrious cousins. It's a fully programmable, automated farmhand that is designed to round out a farm team with whatever it's lacking. It can perform anything a farmer may need from tilling, plowing, disking, planting, harrowing, spraying, weeding, and other similar tasks. And, thanks to its small size, it can work the fields without wrecking them, all the while providing a loyal, preprogrammed source of labor.

Hannes Seeberg is an industrial designer from Estonia, and graduated from the Umea Institute of Design in Sweden. Check out the gallery for more of his RoboTrac.

Via Hannes Seeberg