The philosophy of the LightBench

At first glance, this bench that lights up strikes us as a little ridiculous. Unless you're looking for "future-y in the cheesiest way possible" look for your sitting area, you might want to pass. But then again, there's a chance the LightBench's designers might not have been on something when they came up with the idea:

First of all, there's the safety factor. If the bench is in a public park, it provides an extra light source in the evenings and is easy to spot when you're looking for a place to sit in the dark. Plus the environment around a park bench changes. As the foliage morphs from the deep greens of summer to the kaleidoscope of color in the fall to the snow-covered branches of winter, you can change the bench's color to best complement its surroundings. Nice.

Finally, thanks to efficient LED tech, it uses just 95 watts of power — less than plenty of incandescent bulbs. Add it up, and we can't really complain too hard about the LightBench… though we admit it's partly because we love playing with this online bench color-changer from the German company that made it. If they hooked this thing up to a real bench, we'd be on it all day. Check it out, Hans, your ass is purple now! Bwaah hahahaha! I am Furniture Master!

Frellstedt, via Like Cool