The Mowercycle, my new zombie apocalypse weapon of choice

Stihl Yard Boss, you've served me well, but it's time for a new weapon to combat these zombie hordes. I think this Mowercycle is a pretty good candidate — it'll turn the living dead in your path into mulch and keep you on the move and away from their clammy, grasping claws.

A few things, though: those unprotected flanks are really worrying, and what if a tire pops? Maybe a plow on the front of the Mowercycle is in order, or some nice scythe-like attachments coming off of the sides. Reinforced tires wouldn't be a bad call either, and they'd help crunch what the mower missed.

Oh, and it's a lot better for the environment than that regular lawnmower you're using to kill zombies. It's like the Deathcoaster for a new, greener generation.

Mowercycle on Flickr, via Inhabitat