Strange-looking building's random design conceals method to its MADness

This is one crazy-looking building. Currently under construction in Tinajin, China and to be completed in 2012, the 1175-foot Sinosteel International Plaza and the 288-foot hotel next to it have hexagonal windows that make them look like the inside of a beehive. The windows are designed in five different sizes, placed in an energy-efficient configuration that will take the most advantage of the sun and wind.

Besides their rounded corners and weird windows making them look unlike any building ever built, that odd façade serves a more important purpose. Chinese architects MAD Ltd, designed the honeycomb-shaped exterior shells to actually hold the buildings up, freeing up more floor space.

Let’s hope no airplanes fly into that tallest one, though, because a similar structural idea didn’t hold up too well when it was implemented in the World Trade Center.

MAD Ltd., via Dezeen