Space Bong Or The Perfect Savings Tool: The Rube Goldberg Bank

A fundamental part of being a gadget geek is having the cash to pick up the goodies when they come out, but sometimes saving up your coins in preparation for that next great piece of hardware can be difficult. To that end we suggest employing the services of the Rube Goldberg Piggy Bank. (For the uninitiated, some background on "Rube Goldberg style devices here.)

You simply drop your coins into the top slot and slowly watch your money go through a series of twists, flips and turns before ominously disappearing into the bottom of the contraption (check out video of the device in action here). Not only does the torturously slow cash deposit remind you of what it took to earn the cash, but if you slack off saving you can always tell friends it's a drug paraphernalia prop from the next Big Lebowski movie set in outer space.

Via Funshop