Sound Chaser chugs around track made of cut-up vinyl records

Here’s a variation on that tiny VW bus that rolls around and around a vinyl record, playing a scratchy tune as it navigates it circuitous route. But this Sound Chaser record player can go places, set free on a route of its creators' making, acting like a little train on its own track made of cut-up vinyl records.

London-based product designer and electronic musician Yuri Suzuki and collaborator Yaroslav Tencer are careful to point out that the pieces of vinyl used are “cheap records bought at jumble sales or used record shops,” so they’re not cutting up any priceless, sacred relics from the golden age of sound recording or anything like that.

We’d like to set up a track hundreds of feet long, letting the tiny train wind its way around offices and restrooms to the surprise and amazement of all. Now if we could just figure out how to get our hands on one. Click Continue for a video of the little train chugging around on its scratchy track.

Via Yuri Suzuki