SofaBox is — you guessed it — a sofa in a box

The SofaBox is exactly what you think it is: a sofa in a box. If you find yourself without seating options more often than you'd like, or if you're a squatter who moves from hovel to hovel on a frequent basis and tire of lugging around furniture not designed for moving, it's perfect for you. It's a sofa! In a box!

Unfortunately, this sofa in a box will set you back a whopping $2,700, which is far more than I'd be willing to spend on most couches, box or no box. I'm not quite sure where that price comes from, when high-end sofas that actually look really nice and comfortable go for that much or less. But I guess there's a pretty limited market for sofas in boxes, so if you really want one it's the only game in town.

SofaBox, via CrunchGear