Seascout ocean rescue robot: the sad replacement for bikini-clad life guards

The Seascout aquatic rescue robot would be a welcome addition for professionals and wayward tourists in open waters. If someone was in trouble, all they would need to do is activate a GPS tracker and the 'bot would glide out to scoop them into its spacious bay, ferrying them back to safety. It can be operated manually or preprogrammed, and it has internal lighting, a sunroof and a radio system so those inside don't feel claustrophobic or alone. Now all it needs is a pair of frickin' laser beams to battle off sharks and it'll be the hero of the seas.

The Seascout is a design by New Zealander Andre Harley, a student at the Designskolen Kolding University in Denmark. Check out the gallery below for more images of the Seascout, as well as the Lego Mindstorms NXT prototype model Harley made and his model of the rescue vehicle.

Andre Harley, via Coroflot