Seabreacher submarine looks, jumps like a dolphin

We're fans of personal submarines, sure, but anyone with a couple million dollars lying around can get one of those. No, we like stuff more exclusive, more rare, and more resembling marine life. That's why we love the Innespace Seabreacher, a two-seater submersible made to look and move like a dolphin. A follow-up to the company's original one-seat design (called — wouldn't you know it — the Dolphin), the Seabreacher uses the same canopy as an F-22 fighter jet, keeping the roomy interior nice and dry inside a watertight seal.

The best part is how it jumps: Made to move like a dolphin, the vessel uses the downward lift of its wings to jump out of the water, and it can even do barrel rolls. Just check out the video of the Seabreacher in action after the Continue link below.

Want one? You can get this stunning example of biomimicry custom built just for you. When you have it, let me know when I can borrow it, 'kay?

Innespace Seabreacher, via Geekologie