PokerMate table brings the touchscreen to Texas Hold 'Em

Ask any gambler — playing poker in a casino and online are two completely different things. At a real poker table you have the not-insignificant advantage of being able to observe your opponents, while nothing matches the speed and convenience of online play. This PokerMate table might just be the happy medium. Coming in 6-, 8-, or 10-seat versions, the PokerMate gives each player a touchscreen, taking the game virtual while keeping all the players gathered in one spot.

The PokerMate deals cards, calculates pots (and side pots) and rake, and keeps track of everyone's chips — all without error. Player position, bets, and community cards are visible to all on the main screen. The thing we love most is that, when you're dealt your cards, you just tap on the screen to curl their corners so you can see what you've got … so cool. While we'd certainly miss the physical cards and chips, if this sucker speeds up table play, we wouldn't mind reserving a seat at the PokerMate.

PokerMate, via Like Cool