Philippe Starck designs wind turbine for the rest of us

It’s about time somebody rolled out a windmill for you and me, and it took famed designer Philippe Starck coming out of retirement to do it. This simple-looking $633 thingamajig is said to be able to crank out 20-60% of the power needed in a house, but we assume that would be on a day the wind is blowing, and the house in question’s occupants don’t feel like baking a cake while chilling down the place to 65 degrees.

We’ve seen plenty of personal wind turbines before, but this one brings more power at the lowest price point yet. Starck’s turbine is looking great, too, decked out in stainless steel, signal orange or crazy transparent style. This is not just some spacey concept, either — the new electricity generators will be shipping to everyone in September. Let’s just hope it’s not too noisy, or the neighbors might generate a whirlwind of complaints.

Inhabitat, via Core 77