Paint Pod hopes to woo you with a no-drip roller and automated cleanup

If you've ever had to get down and dirty with a roller, then you know that painting a room isn't always the bulk of the work — preparatory measures and cleanup can be the most frustrating labor. The Paint Pod promises to eliminate both. At the system's heart is the "pod," which you load with paint canisters or plain ol' water. Paint is fed to the roller by way of a tube, so you won't drip going from the paint tray to the wall. After it's all done, slide the roller back into the pod and it'll rinse itself automatically.

Now here comes a little skepticism. The roller looks a bit too narrow and doesn't seem to toss down the same, solid coat of paint you'd get with a thicker roller sleeve. It's not really saving you time if you have to apply more coats. Another warning: drips aren't only a danger when moving from the tray as the actual act of rolling will give you plenty of back-splatter. Watch the video above for yourself and see if you agree.

Depending on where you shop, the Paint Pod goes for around $140, though a system such as this forces you to pay a premium for accessories.

Reuters, via Fresh Creation