Nikon D700 gives pro photographers big performance at a smaller size and price

Until now, if you wanted the highest-quality Nikon pro camera, you had to shell out $5000 for the Nikon D3, the company’s top digital SLR. Today Nikon announced a baby brother to the outlandishly heavy D3, and it’s calling the smaller, lighter and $2000-cheaper camera the Nikon D700. The biggest advantage to the D700 is its 12.1-megapixel FX-format sensor, the same relatively huge sensor that's in the D3. Almost the size of a frame of 35mm film, this FX format is called “full frame.”

Besides its long list of pro features, what really makes this mini-D3 worth its $3000 price tag is its low-light performance at 6400 ISO, shooting without a flash with no noise — performance that’s far beyond even that of any $1000+ digital SLR camera. It’s also fast, powering up and ready to shoot in .12 seconds, with near-instant autofocusing that offers uncanny accuracy. Later this month, expect to start seeing this jewel in the hands of many pro photographers, giving them top performance at a smaller size and price.

Via Nikon USA