New rendering of RED Scarlet super HD camcorder looks like extraterrestrial futureCam

Good lord. Did an alien spacecraft leave some kind of death-ray weapon behind? Nope, that’s just the latest rendering of the upcoming RED Scarlet camcorder, the ultra high-rez shooter from Oakley founder Jim Jannard that’s due early next year. While we think that release date is overly optimistic, this red-hot camcorder has the high-end video world a-twitter, with its ability to shoot 3K (the best HD today is barely 2K) images at an unheard-of price of $3000.

We’d be skeptical, but the RED camera company already delivered on its first promise a couple of years ago to deliver an even higher-rez 4K camera that shoots digital cinema for $17,500, a feat previously only possible with $100,000 cameras. As RED moves downmarket, its hypemeister (formerly from Apple) hints at even more wonders to come, such as a projector that can display images at the astonishing resolutions its alien instruments are capable of creating.

Via Scarlet User