Miller digital helmets give welders a stylish boost

The welder is probably my favorite member of a construction team. Not only do they get sweet helmets and send a lot of sparks flying, but I've often marveled at welders I've seen hanging upside-down like ninjas as they work. Well, now they get even sweeter helmets.

The Miller Digital Elite Series of helmets features an adjustable viewing window with different levels of shading. The screen would automatically darken, for instance, if a welder was going to town, and lighten when he lets up. It has a control pad located on the inside of the mouth guard, so a welder can simply reach up and thumb the controls.

The classic black version of the helmet sells for $360, while helmets with stylized designs such as patriotic markings or flames go for $390.

Miller Digital Elite Series, via Toolmonger, via OhGizmo!