Secret Microsoft Wireless Arc Mouse is purdy and portable

This Wireless Arc Mouse from Microsoft was supposed to be a big secret, but our friends at MaximumPC spilled the beans. Since we’re not beholden to any embargos from Microsoft on this product, we can freely tell you that it’s a clever design that folds up for roadworthiness and stretches out for handiness.

Too bad we have to wait until this winter to get our hands on one for $59.95. We’ve tried out a plethora of travel mice in the past, and it seems like that balance between portability and usability is elusive. While it’s hard to tell if this one does the trick, we’re sure liking that deep red color, and the monochrome black/white version, too.

So far, there’s no info on the wireless tech inside, whether it’s Bluetooth, USB or something else. But one thing’s for sure: It’s got to be better than using a trackpad, or worse, a trackball.

Via MaximumPC