MAG magnetic car concept is a MAGnificent car of the future

Let’s just leapfrog all those other ideas for energy-saving car tech and hop into this magnetically-driven ride, shall we? While Slovak designer Matúš Procháczka’s concept is prettier than sexy four-inch spike heels, it’ll definitely take some major infrastructure modification to make it a reality. It requires all roads to have embedded magnetic panels, quite a job for the millions of miles of highways and byways all over the world today.

Anyway, if that major hurdle is overcome, this idea could get some traction. Its electric engine’s polarity would match that of the road, reducing the effective weight of the vehicle by 50%. At the same time, we’re guessing the tires would have reversed polarity, sticking the vehicle to the road like a fly on flypaper and pushing around this zippy little runabout like there's no tomorrow.

Even though it’s a far-fetched design concept, we think it’s simply beautiful.

Design Blog, via Oh Gizmo