Lighting breakthrough makes OLEDs 133% more efficient

We were impressed when GE engineers showed us OLED (organic light emitting diode) lighting that was twice as efficient as regular incandescent light bulbs, but get a load of this: Princeton and U-Michigan scientists have just beaten that by a long shot. Using a new process that involves tiny micro lenses, their OLED lighting is more than twice as efficient, cranking out 70 lumens of light per watt of power, compared with the 30 lumens per watt of GE’s latest OLEDs.

While these fantastic new lighting sources won’t light up every house for a few more years, they’ll be a whole lot better than current compact florescent (CFL) bulbs. Sure, the CFLs are slightly more efficient at 90 lumens per watt, but their color rendering is harsh, they’re laced with toxic mercury, and don’t last nearly as long as LEDs and OLEDs. And, as OLEDs get even more advanced, you’ll be able to have entire walls lit up with their friendly glow. Bring ‘em on!

Via Technology Review