LG BD300 Blu-ray disc player joins the Netflix streaming video club

The LG BD300 brings a new twist to the Netflix subscription movie service’s streaming video idea: it's the first Blu-ray player that can go slumming, snagging all of those 12,000 oldy-moldy Netflix movies available for instant online viewing in standard definition. One of these days those streaming goodies will be in HD, but no such luck thus far. Until then, if you want HD movies, enjoy the LG BD300 Blu-ray disc player’s crispy 1080p video, cranked out as well as the rest of them or better.

This fall, for around $500 you can add this LG player to the two other ways Netflix is pushing its less-desirable second-tier catalog of movies to broadband users, including that $99 Roku box that we tried and liked, as well as the latest trick, the ability to stream Netflix flicks on an Xbox 360.

Of course, if you can wait a day or two for a movie, you might want to just stick with the Netflix Blu-ray disc service that whisks the discs to you, lickety-split via snail mail. Better hurry, though, we hear that deal where you pay the same price for Blu-ray as you do for standard-def on Netflix is about to dry up.

Here’s another pic of the player’s user interface:

Via Marketwatch