LED dress gives tech fashion a good name

We can sometimes be pretty hard on ill-conceived mergers between fashion and technology. That's why we're so happy this LED dress bucks the trend, standing out as a wearable success in a closet full of tech-fashion disasters. The soft glow of the white LEDs beneath the fabric gives the dress an eerie look that doesn’t take away from the pattern. Worn in a dim restaurant or club the number would definitely turn many a head, while the effect outside would be more subtle and ghostly.

Designer Mary Huang says, "Integrating technology into a wearable piece can often be cumbersome, so in a successful piece, the design must outshine the technology." We couldn't agree more. Her lighted fashion line, aptly called Rhyme & Reason, also includes an LED scarf. Both run off either battery power or a wall outlet, meaning they can double as lamps when you're not wearing them. Let's see your raincoat do that.

Rhyme & Reason, via talk2myshirt