KDDI exhibit merges cellular technology with tiny woodland creatures

Despite what some may think, there are other popular cell phones out there not made by Apple, and some of them come from Japan's AU KDDI. The major cellular player recently launched an art meets innovation show in Harajuku called the Mobile in Forest Exhibition. The exhibit showcases works by various artists offering their innovative ideas for new ways to look at cell phones.

Housed in the now famous futurist gallery space designed by Tadao Ando (formerly occupied by HHStyle), the show features a polyurethane rubber “socket-deer” and a “HOLDING BEAR CHARGER” allowing you to recharge your phone in style. While not over-the-top in terms of sci-fi themes, the merging of nature and technology via art points towards an inevitable future when all this tech blends seamlessly into the background and, as Arthur C. Clarke once said, begins to appear as magic.

Via MyCom