Juicebar charger: Field medic for cellphones

As clever names go, Juicebar is up there. It's a battery, so it's got "juice," while its small oblong shape provides "bar" status. Nice one, kids. The Juicebar is made to give your cellphone a quick charge when it goes dead at a critical time. It has enough jui… uh, energy to gas up your phone for about an hour of talk time or eight hours of standby.

Of course, there's the tricky part of needing to have the right connector for your phone, so the company offers eight different Juicebars, each with a different connector (needless to say iPhone owners are out of luck). It looks a little awkward to slip into your wallet but should be fine in a glove compartment. Just throw it in and forget about it until you need it — the charge lasts five years. You can get these aptly named batteries from U.K. for about $6 each.

Juicebar Energy, via Gizmag