iPhoneck Backup Battery makes up for iPhone's biggest shortcoming

Now we can stop whining about short battery life in the iPhone 3G. As long as you don’t mind hanging a matching two-inch appendage off the end of your iPhone, this iPhoneck Backup Battery might do the trick. Just because Apple doesn’t want you milling around inside its precious phone to change a battery doesn’t mean you’re limited to just three hours of Monkey Ball or 3G web browsing.

From the looks of it, the iPhoneck appears to be a convincing extension to the iPhone, although the iPhone’s unique surfaces and appearance must be difficult to perfectly match. The company says it only takes 90 minutes to recharge its lithium-ion battery, which can be done using the iPhone dock or USB connector with or without the iPhone also attached. Available for pre-order now for $42.99, it “should be released on or about August 1.”

Via iPhoneck