iPhone Envy: Docomo unveils next-gen computing interfaces

The word on the tech street in Japan is that Docomo is still in super secret negotiations to offer the iPhone, but in the meantime the company is still trying its best to show consumers it has innovative chops on par with Apple. The innovations focus on wearable tech including a headset that allows the wearer to control his computer via electrical currents generated by eyeball movements. Also revealed is a cell phone you wear on your finger like a ring, allowing you to use your finger to conduct sounds to your ear (or pretend you're "not" digging gold nuggets out of your ears).

Yet another gadget came in the form of a wristwatch that operates in concert with your fingers to work as a remote control for your DVD player. These peeks at new interface tech might come off as a little impractical, but now that touchscreen technology has gone mainstream, it would be foolish to bet against the notion that some day in the relatively near future we'll control all our gadgets through ever more uniquely "human" methods.

Via AP