iPhone 3G activation woes: Tell us your stories

We had it all planned: Two people waiting in line this morning, one at an Apple store, one at AT&T. Sure it would take hours, but by the end of it we'd have two iPhones 3G to check out. But things rarely go according to plan, do they?

Our line-sitting champ, Stewart Wolpin, waited since 5 a.m., got all the way to the store, picked out his phone… and was then told he couldn't get one because of some nonsensical "corporate discount" information on his account, despite the fact he hasn't worked for a corporation in 20 years. The crew at the Apple store on 5th Avenue then demonstrated their brilliance by simply denying him a phone — no gift certificate, no "IOU an iPhone 3G" card, no nothing. Nice.

I was lucky enough to get the last 16GB iPhone 3G from an AT&T store in midtown, but the people in the store couldn't finish the last step in activation because "iTunes is down," they told me. Now I'm here in front of my work computer, patiently awaiting my company's IT department to install the latest version of iTunes (7.7) so I can finally see this baby in action. Tick, tock, tick, tock…

Surely we're not alone in encountering roadblocks both big and small in our quest for the iPhone 3G. Fellow iPhone 3Gers, post your activation woes in the comments below, and let's all be miserable together!