iPhone 2G/3G Power Station, when 3 hours of web surfing isn't going to be enough

You know we must have been right about the iPhone 3G’s short battery life when now there are suddenly several solutions to that problem. Here’s another from Hong Kong dealer in cheapness Brando. This iPhone Power Station doesn’t make an attempt to match the iPhone’s rarified design, but looks okay nonetheless with its baby blue LED blinkinlights.

Brando’s not saying how long this attachment’s charge will power your iPhone, but does mention the term 1000mAh and the “emergency” that arises when your iPhone runs out of battery power. With its dock connector on the business end, it looks like it could also give your iPod a boost. If you’re that attached to your iPhone and never seem to be around a power outlet, the Power Station's $25 price might be a worthwhile expenditure.

Brando, Via CrunchGear