Innovative Spider landmine has six deadly legs, offers non-lethal options

The XM-7 Spider is a powerful landmine that addresses a lot of problems with self-detonating, static landmines. Since it's guided by an operator, every Spider has a known location — no terrible surprises for friendlies here. Once it's in position, the Spider deploys six trip mines, one for every 60º and corresponding with each of the Spider's six detonation canisters. The canisters can be loaded fragmentation explosive charges or non-lethal gases, depending on the situation.

The XM-7 Spider also won't cause any future woes. If the mine is left on its own for too long, it deactivates. It won't even blow up if one of its wires are tripped; it has to be detonated by a human operator who is alerted when someone is in range. It does has a self-detonating "battle override mode" which violates the Mine Ban Treaty, though the United States, as well as other global powers, did not sign that treaty.

Via Defense Industry Daily